Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 44 100mm – 13.89m2

Pack of Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 44 100mm - 13.89m2

Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 44 100mm – 13.89m2

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£33.60 Inc VAT


Loft Roll 44 is a low-density glass mineral wool quilt which Knauf has made with pitched roofs and suspended timber floors in mind. This lightweight and flexible mineral wool quilt is non-combustible and provides excellent thermal insulation as well as good acoustic performance.

To ensure high-quality insulation, Loft Roll 44 has been manufactured to remain odourless and non-hygroscopic, preventing the growth of fungi, bacteria, or any moulds. Rot-proof, this mineral wool does not encourage or sustain vermin ensuring your home and commercial space is protected at all times.

Knauf s environmentally friendly, free of CFCs, HCFCs, as well as any material that has ozone-depleting potential. Thanks to its low environmental impact, it is eco-friendly and classified as Zero ODP and Zero GWP. 


  • Thermal conductivity: 0.044W/mK
  • Fire-resistant: Yes
  • Vapour-resistant: Yes

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Thermal conductivity (W/m.K)